Over the next decade, more than a billion new people will come online. So far, the record has been uneven in terms of safe, sustainable access for all. We work to ensure that media and information systems are resilient, safe and sustainable.


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Cyberthreats. Hacking. Identify theft. Online harassment and hate speech. These are some of the issues we see proliferating along with access to information. In many cases, it is the most influential voices that are the hardest hit, resulting in silencing and self-censorship. We support local activists and journalists through digital and physical security training, address market failures and work with our partners to build sustainable and safe local media and information access.

of women report some form of online violence according to Networked Intelligence
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Online Violence Against Women: A Global Issue

February 17, 2016
By Jeanne Bourgault

The rise of the internet and social media brings with it new platforms for freedom of expression. While the upside is clear, in this piece Internews president Jeanne Bourgault explores how women in many countries are being driven away from the online space because of harassment and threats of violence.

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