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Internews Europe improves access to information worldwide. We do this by strengthening local media and information systems so that all citizens can make their voices heard, claim equal rights and understand critical issues. We are leaders in innovation in digital technologies to support vulnerable, crisis-hit populations.

How we are Funded

Internews Europe is a registered charity and non-profit association. We are entirely financed by grants and contracts with a range of European donor governments, the European Commission, UN Agencies and some private charitable foundations within Europe.  

The vast majority of Internews Europe programmes continue to be funded by public bi-lateral or multi-lateral donors. 2013 has also seen a welcome increase in funding from a wider variety of private foundations and sustained progress in growing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of donors. Annual programme expenditure in 2013 reverted to more historical levels to our annual out-turns in 2010 and 2011.

* The operating budget is the entire, consolidated organisational expenditure (direct programme costs and head office costs) for the calendar year; 2013 figures are based on final spending forecasts for the year and a subject to modest variation during the final audit and associated statutory/regulatory reports. 2013 expenditure for the French entity is 3,037,670 EUR. This figure will be consolidated for period 1st April 2013 in the UK accounts. Internews Europe's principal operating and accounting currency is EUR; the GBP and USD figures presented for comparison use an average of the exchange rates for 2013. Our principal currency will change to GBP from 1 Jan 2014.

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