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Enabling Journalists to Raise Awareness on Ebola

Internews recently began a year long project in Guinea to build the capacity of media professionals to report on humanitarian information in the east of the country, the province at the heart of the current Ebola outbreak.

The outbreak of Ebola in Eastern Guinea coincided with the start of Internews Europe’s project in the region. Our Humanitarian Information Liaison who is based in the region reacted immediately by contacting local media and organising training on how best to report on the outbreak of Ebola. Jeremie Soupou travelled to meet FM Radio Pacific’s journalists and provided them with pieces of advice on how to better report and raise awareness on the epidemic haemorrhagic fever raging in the region. The spirit of his visit was to encourage journalists to pay attention to the evolution of the epidemic by regularly informing the population.

Even though the media have been broadcasting government messaging, Internews’ Humanitarian Liaison officer encouraged them to reach out further to Health specialists and humanitarian organisations. He also flagged that local radios broadcasting in the concerned area are primary sources of information on this subject and therefore should do it in a professional manner. Internews has also worked on these issues with FM Liberté and la Radio Rurale de la Guinée Forestière.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

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